“Maria’s Cakes and Cookies”

Sugar, flour and heavenly smells that come from oven baking are the ingredients that make up the environment that we love and wish to be in.

Our team members didn’t just choose to be bakers. They turned their love of baking into a profession and along with every bite you take from our sweets, you can get an idea of this love!

From 2001 and for over 20 years we still maintain the same basic principles:

  • Sole choice of fresh ingredients with an emphasis on quality.
  • Upholding of the strictest hygiene rules
  • Constant updating of the progress and the new recipes that can be found in the baking sector.
  • Reliability in agreed delivery deadlines.
  • All of the above, together with our fine baking abilities have le the “Maria’s Cakes and Cookies” team to establish firm collaborations that continue to increase, gaining for preference.
  • Your constant support not only strengthens us but also provides us with a bigger incentive to continue to improve our business.
  • We are the “Maria’s Cakes and Cookies” team and our goal is to make the special moments of your life sweet and happy, in the manner we know better than anybody else: with cakes and cookies!

Follow Us…

Follow Us…

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Τηλ.: 210 68 44 829